The Michigan State University Turfgrass Wiki



To aide students in their knowledge of basic and specific concepts of turfgrass science and management.
  • Provide learning and educational tools for students and instructors.
  • Enable current research efforts in the turfgrass industry to be recognized in basic information searches.
  • Allow for cooperative contributions in order to broaden the knowledge of MSU Turfgrass Management students.

This wiki is here to be collaboratively designed by both students and instructors at Michigan State University. It provides a medium by which students can learn supplemental information about turfgrass management and scientific concepts. Courses that choose to implement this Wiki as a space for group or individual projects have the opportunity to encourage independent research about particular turf-related subjects. Students are able to design their own Wiki page that can be updated, edited, and viewed by all others that participate. Projects can be overseen by instructors and, when new research or information becomes available, these pages can be updated to indicate new findings.

It is my vision that this will serve as a dynamic resource for University associates, allowing for continuous up-to-date additions, giving rise to an endless number of interactive projects for students.